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Western Physical Therapy

Sports Massage and Bowen Technique

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The Right Therapy For You?

Most of us at some time in our lives experience some kind of physical malfunction, or experienced a period of extreme stress, if you’re lucky given a a few days or weeks it might put itself right, after all the human body and mind have a great ability to fix themselves. So the simple option is just to wait and see if they can fix themselves.

If however you find yourself in serious discomfort or you’re struggling to sleep or function normally, you may want to give your body a bit of a nudge to get it or your mind back on track.

‘Giving it a nudge’ is very much the approach I take to therapy, because the body or mind can usually fix themselves, giving the body  a nudge we can help the body fix itself more quickly and through that influence the mind. The benefit of not forcing a fix on the body is that a fix that the body finds for itself will, in most cases, be long lasting. Force the body and it’s very likely you’ll need another fix in a few weeks time.

Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique is a relatively modern creation, it is based on traditional Osteopathic principles. Just like Osteopathy it has much in common with An-Mo in that it focuses on common problem areas, the same area that Trigger Points often appear. Again using the nudge analogy Bowen is the lightest of nudges, it is a very minimalist approach to therapy, but none the less it is very effective and has the benefit of being relatively light touch, which is great if you’re in severe discomfort. I use an assessment based approach to Bowen, that is to say I don’t utilise a random “shot gun” approach used by many Bowen Therapists who lack the therapy background required to be able to target specific issues.

Bowen Technique is particularly effective at helping issues created by chronic stress. Many of the techniques work directly with the body’s Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), encouraging the body to regain essential balance. It surprises many people how many ailments, aches and pains are in fact far more related to ANS dysfunction than actual physical injury.

For more information on Bowen Therapy visit my other website:

The Bowen Artist

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a well established therapeutic approach that is appreciated by athletes from all sporting disciplines. Following on with the analogy above, Sports Massage can be thought of as a slightly stronger nudge to the body than An-Mo - Tui Na and much stronger than Bowen. This can mean that Sports Massage can be a little uncomfortable for some people, in particular when working deeply into muscle tissue. It should also be noted that because of this, deep muscle work Sports Massage should not be used in the days immediately prior to an event.  

All therapy sessions are charged as follows:

A one hour  session (Bowen/ Massage) £40.

A two hour session (Massage) (£75).

In the first instance please email me.

A woman receiving Swedish massage to her back

Western Sports Massage

A demonstration of Bowen Technique by my friend Mitchell Mosher

Polyvagal View of the ANS

The Three Aspects of the Autonomic Nervous System

The Three Aspects of the Autonomic Nervous System

Stephen Forde Running

Even very amateur athletes like me can benefit from a sports massage once in a while!

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