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Cultivating Vitality, Energy and Spirit Through  Daoist Bodywork

Introduction to  Daoist Bodywork

AnMo & TuiNa is the original Chinese Bodywork Therapies that have been used for over 2,500 years. 

A sophisticated system of holistic therapy based upon the traditional Chinese medical theory of balancing Yin and Yang and the promotion and control principles of the five phases (WuXing) theory. TuiNa is usually carried out as a whole body therapy, it is designed to stretch and relax tissue and aid the balanced circulation of blood and energy around the body. TuiNa is the forerunner of Japanese Shiatsu and Thai Massage, predating both by many centuries. Through the application of massage and manipulation techniques TuiNa seeks to balance bodily functions and through this establish a more harmonious body, enabling the body to naturally heal itself. Because the mind and body are parts of a unified whole, TuiNa can  help with a range of emotional issues such as excess anger, sadness, lack of mental energy etc. TuiNa, is usually done through thin clothing, it features a range of techniques including the use of a variety of palm, finger and knuckle techniques to massage the soft tissue (muscles and tendons) of the body, acupressure techniques to directly affect the flow of Qi , and manipulation techniques using passive stretching to realign the musculoskeletal and ligamentous relationships.  TuiNa combined with Dao Yin (Daoist Yoga) makes a remarkably powerful therapy that is effective in treating far more than just musculoskeletal ailments. It is also a great way of improving general flexibility, range of movement and posture. This is not only great for  athletes of all types but those of us less active. Boosting energy, creating ease of movement and relaxing the mind, TuiNa is a unique and powerful holistic therapy.

TuiNa: A Treatment

A typical treatment takes about an hour and a half, the first session takes a little longer to allow for initial assessment. It will usually be carried out through thin clothing as oils are not often used. You should avoid eating a large meal in the three hours prior to a treatment and alcohol is best avoided for 24 hours before a session, while drinking plenty of water to ensure hydration before and after a session is encouraged. N.B. Athletes / dancers are advised not to book a session less than 24 hours prior to an event / performance.

A one hour  session is charged at £40.

In the first instance please email me.

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Su Sing Miao Legendary Physician 

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